New Construction is a great opportunity to design and construct a project to your specific needs and to the highest quality so it can be enjoyed with the least amount of maintenance for years to come. R&R Enterprises is insured and bondable for all projects and will provide timely competitive bids on projects ready for construction. We will always work in a timely manner while making sure the job is completed to the client's expectations.

We are proud to be able to offer complete Design/Build services for all new construction projects. With a D/B project, the client has greater access to a team working as one unit on a project from conception through final construction. This single point of contact allows for a certain degree of flexibility for the project, allowing continuous refinement of design and construction to maximize your value.

In our experience, since the designer and contractor are working together throughout this process, there is far less potential for confusion or miscommunication. This typically means that projects are built more precisely to the original design and budget.